Learning Pathways

People learn best when they can choose formats and settings that are the most comfortable for them, Journeys of Wisdom offers many options including workshops, webinars, evening classes, guest speakers, individual sessions, intensive programs and audio catalog.

Audio Recordings

It is easier than ever to fit learning and self-growth into our busy lives. We offer recordings of the full curriculum of classes and seminars.

Individual Sessions

One-on-one coaching affords privacy, provides immediate feedback and allows people to zero in on core issues at the heart of life’s ongoing struggles.


Teleseminars offer the benefits of learning from a group, with the convenience of participating long distance.

Weekend Workshops

Each person has time to address their own individual needs and questions, while benefiting from the wisdom of other students and their life experiences.

Holistic Coach Training

Journeys of Wisdom provides ongoing education and support for Holistic Coaches after they’ve completed the certification process.

Evening Classes

Short on time? Gain insight into powerful holistic concepts in an evening’s time with Journeys of Wisdom night classes.

Free Classes and Events

Journeys of Wisdom offers a wide variety of classes, speakers and events, free of charge or for a nominal fee.

Intensive Workshops

We offer a concentrated course in self-discovery - a multi-day series of Holistic Coaching workshops and self-exploration writing exercises

Digital Magazines

Insightful authors embrace difficult topics with fresh eyes and self-growth strategies. Find new ideas on subjects relevant to expanding your holistic life.

Bionetic Homeopathics

Rare healing approach which carries no penalties - only benefits to mental, emotional, physical health, reduce stress, restore stamina and Improve clarity

Video Lessons

Topics include: relationships, intimacy, fighting fair, dating, sexuality, holistic coaching, prosperity and abundance.

Facebook Live

Catch live episodes by John and Leigh on facebook.

Lil's Corner EBook

A collection of some of Lil's poems and writings, revealing her profound wisdom and deepest thoughts.

Special Events

Upcoming and recurring events held at a Journeys of Wisdom location or are sponsored by Journeys of Wisdom.




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